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Promotion strategies

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Rebate & Fulfillment Services

S.E.A. works with you to customize your campaigns for maximum results
​Rebate and fulfillment campaigns provide opportunities for brands to establish a direct connection with their consumers.  Whether your goal is to build consumer loyalty, gain in-store floor display to drive sales at retail or, reward consumers for purchases, ensuring consumers have a great brand experience is key to your success. 

Personalized services you can trust
With S.E.A. Enterprises, you can be confident that all controls and data capture processes are executed timely and accurately.  Our attention to detail and process efficiency delivers affordable, flexible options.

Need to move FAST

​S.E.A. customizes every Rebate and Fulfillment campaign to meet your requirements and support your marketing objectives.

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Rebate and fulfillment campaigns

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Get Started Today!
​Call us at:  (425) 313-0996

Get Started Today!

Call us at:  (425) 313-0996


Promotion strategies can be complex and require a variety of campaigns.  As your single service provider, S.E.A. Enterprises, Inc. can easily manage them all!  We process/pay rebates, conduct mailings of promotional materials, fulfill orders and assemble kits.  S.E.A. is committed to providing an excellent service at an affordable price.

S.E.A. Enterprises’ Rebate and Fulfillment services include:

  • Consulting support to assist with promotion development (design, best practices, production)
  • Customized data capture, process procedures and report options
  • Validation of each transaction to ensure promotional requirements are met
  • Comprehensive reports to help you evaluate current activity, review past activity and plan for future promotions
  • Assigned Account Manager to serve as an expert on all of your promotion needs (coupons, rebates and fulfillment)